16 November: Talks and Presentations @ TU Wien

Day 1
Breakfast & Registration
Build your own Knowledge Graph with Weaviate on GCP
  • Bob van Luijt

DevOps Culture
  • Tamas Neumer PRODYNA

  • Damjan Gjurovski PRODYNA

Security Tournament
Native Java with Graal on AWS-Lambda
  • Dominik Dorn

Testing Web Accessibility is Fun
  • Adrián Bolonio willhaben

Security Tournament
Coffee Break
Going Secure with Go
  • Natalie Pistunovich

How to cook with RxJS
  • Miroslav Jonas

Security Tournament
Lunch Break
Actions on Google: personalize for each user and device
  • Eliza Camber

Will Java become simple, amazingly fast and cloud-native in the future?
  • Tamas Toth

Lightning Talks
Code your Cloud Infrastructure
  • Gerhard Hipfinger openForce

Google Cloud Spanner
  • Hannes Bösch PRODYNA

Lightning Talks
Coffee Break
From Containers to Kubernetes Operators
  • Philipp Krenn Elastic

Coding should be fun
  • Gregor Riegler Ebcont

Website Push Notifications - the Death of the Email-Newsletters?
  • Daniel Kienböck

More Than a Query Language: SQL in the 21st Century
  • Markus Winand

Defensive Programming x FinTech
  • Merab Tato Kutalia

Secure Credential Management with Vault in Kubernetes
  • Filip Nikolic

Google Cloud Platform in a Practical Way
  • Jerome Mouton

After Party

17 November: TensorFlow Workshop @ Raum D / quartier21

Join our workshop on TensorFlow! We use an online course which you can continue afterwards at your own pace.
We start at 9:30 in the morning.